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A set of four basic colours of printing ink, used for colour printing. The name CMYK means:


A standardized system for identification of additional colours, which are included in colour formula guide. The colours are characterised by numbers, descriptions and percentage.


One of the basic colour models, used in every device displaying images. The name comes from the initials of the English names of the colours:

Halftone screening

Continuous tone image consisting of tiny dots which gives optical illusion that makes tiny dots look like halftones. Brightness of halftones results from the proportion of the printed surface to the surface surrounding this element (mainly a white sheet of paper).

Uniform Colour Background

One-ink print with total ink of 100%.


Making a linear indentation on a piece of paper or card to allow it to turn or fold more easily.


Cutting cardboard or paper to obtain elements in a desired shape (e.g. folders).


Folding bigger elements to make smaller ones, e.g. A4 leaflets to 3 DL.


Consists in uniting a thin piece of paper (printed or not) and much thicker one by gluing them.


The printing area which goes beyond the edge of the final document sheet after trimming. Bleed ensures that all edges in the final trimmed document will be printed.

Offset printing

Offset (flat) printing is a technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to the printing surface by means of a rubber blanket.


We prepare proofs for final approval of document's colours.

DTP studio

DTP studio

Proofs for clients

We make digital proofs upon request of a client with a use of EPSON Pro 4880 printer. EPSON Pro 4880 provides best quality print, thanks to Epson 8-colour UltraChrome (TM)...